Sweetapple Catering

Background & inspiration

I spent more than 10 years in the bright lights of advertising before realising that the kitchen, rather than the boardroom, was where I wanted to be.

My passion for cooking started as a child baking biscuits and cakes, covering the kitchen floor in flour at every possible opportunity. Over the years I’ve learnt to cook more tidily, going on to gain a Cooking Diploma and a wealth of experience in kitchens across London, France and Italy.

Sweetapple is a family name and as one of my ancestors, Mary Sweetapple, wrote her own recipe book in 1796, it seemed only fitting to name my business in her memory.

The world of cooking is an ongoing (though at times somewhat daunting) voyage of discovery. I don’t really ever stop thinking about food, continually planning the next meal. But nothing comes close to seeing people enjoy my cooking – that makes me very happy indeed.